10 Things I’ve learned in 13 years of Marriage

FULL DISCLOSURE // I wrote this post right after our 10th wedding anniversary, but for some reason, I NEVER published it, so now with our 13th anniversary being today {I can't believe it's been 13 years!!!}, I decided to publish it because it's all still SO relevant!! Also, Joe and I are NOT marriage experts, … Continue reading 10 Things I’ve learned in 13 years of Marriage



For the last few years, I've been inspired by my sweet friend, Tabitha, to pick a word as my theme of the year. This concept of picking one word really resonated with me, especially when goal setting seemed daunting and like just a list of things I would fail at soon enough. I figured that … Continue reading Believe

Off the hook

We tend to SO easily let ourselves off the hook and just say, "oh, I'm just this way or that way"; or "oh, I can't be perfect, I'm not enough or blah, blah, blah...". It's SO easy for us to just give up before we even start or to believe the worst about ourselves. If … Continue reading Off the hook