For the last few years, I’ve been inspired by my sweet friend, Tabitha, to pick a word as my theme of the year. This concept of picking one word really resonated with me, especially when goal setting seemed daunting and like just a list of things I would fail at soon enough. I figured that I could pick a word and just make that my prayer and focus for the year. Some of mine have been brave, shine, faith, and obey


Along with a word of the year, I’ve also been picking a verse of the year.  I didn’t want to just pick a random word or buzzword, but I wanted it to mean something and I wanted a verse alongside with it as my prayer for the year. My verse from last year ended up being my new life verse and motto. It’s 1 Corinthians 10:31b. I truly want ALL that I do to be for the glory of God.


This year, my one little word is “Believe” and my verse is Jeremiah 32:17. I want this year to be THE year that I take God at His word and pray for the big and impossible things. Not to make myself great, but to show how truly great HE is. Not to build my kingdom or following, but His. Not to shout my own name, but His. Because at the end of my life, I want to stand before Him and say that I gave it my all. Not just playing it safe and doing the things I know I could do, but putting myself out there and doing the things that He’s calling me to do with shaky knees, sweaty hands and a trembling voice, I want to make  a big deal out of Him, because He truly IS a God I CAN NOT exaggerate. Now this may sounds all kinds of great in writing, but believe me, for someone that struggles {BIG TIME} with letting go of control, this is a VERY scary thing. However, I KNOW that He works ALL things for my good and His glory, so I’m putting myself out there and CHOOSING to walk in obedience and faith. Choosing to BELIEVE that He’s faithful and that He will continue to lead me.


As I type all this, I’m reminded of one of Joe’s {my husband’s} favorite quotes. It’s by Smith Wigglesworth and it says “Only believe, only believe. All things are possible, only believe”


Have you ever picked a word or verse for the year? I’d love to hear yours!


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