Off the hook


We tend to SO easily let ourselves off the hook and just say, “oh, I’m just this way or that way”; or “oh, I can’t be perfect, I’m not enough or blah, blah, blah…”. It’s SO easy for us to just give up before we even start or to believe the worst about ourselves. If someone came up to us and said 3 things they didn’t like about us and 50 things that they loved, we’d remember and focus and obsess over those 3 things. We’d use them to prove to ourselves and anyone who dares say otherwise that we just don’t have what it takes.


What if we didn’t?! What if we dared TRY to believe that what God says about us is true? What if we make THAT our identity? What if we make THAT the thing that we choose to obsess about? What if we cared more about walking in obedience and truth, than looking like everyone else around us? What if we choose to chase after our calling with our ALL? What if we celebrated those who paved a path before us and those who are walking in their calling and purpose and instead of using it as a “thing” to prove how much we’re not worthy or able or enough, we used it as inspiration for doing the things that only WE are called to be and do. There are no identical individuals and so there are no identical callings, and THAT’S ok! If the world would be filled with just one type of person, it could be SO boring. Thank God that it’s not!!


I don’t have this figured out AT ALL! In fact, it’s one of my biggest struggles, so I’m writing this as a reminder for myself and an anthem over myself, more than for anyone else. I truly believe that God choose the ordinary and the not enough to make impossible and extraordinary things happen. How AMAZING is it that we GET to be a part of it?! US!! So here it is world, my not so perfect, not at all all-together life, but a life of someone who wants to walk the walk and step forward in obedience, because at the end of my life I want to walk into glory with no regrets


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