Faithful Fellowship — Blog Hop!!

Hi all!!! Much like my insta-friend, Mandy, I’ve been blogging MIA. I’ve been following Mandy’s journey on Instagram for a while now. She loves the Lord, her husband, her 6 kids, coffee and community. She’s super crafty and sometimes even sells some of her awesome art!! Follow her on Instagram and check out the hashtag #theartfulmandy to see some of her work. As you can imagine, I was SUPER excited when she asked me if I’d like to do a blog hop with her. I IMMEDIATELY wrote back telling her that I would LOVE to. Then life got in the way and I didn’t get around to it, until today. So hello internet, I’m blogging again and thanks again Mandy for the sweet invite 🙂

Part of the blog hop, is to answer a few questions, and here they are:

1. What is the most important thing to me about God?

2. How do I keep abiding in Jesus?

3. What’s my favorite way to share His light with another?

4. Why do I blog, anyway?

The cool thing about this blog hop that anyone can participate, so if you’d like to join along, just leave your link in the comments 🙂

So let’s get down to it…

1. What is the most important thing to me about God?

Ooooo. That’s a great questions. I guess for me is that He’s such an amazing and awesome God and yet, He chooses to use ordinary people like me every day. Partnering up with such an extraordinary God is such an adventure! Yet, He (the God of the universe) knows me and loves me just the same. And not only that, but He takes me along with Him and makes me a piece of the puzzle. He gives me purpose, and vision and meaning to my life. I’m still in awe that He makes me part of His plan and I’m so excited to see what He’s going to do next!



2. How do I keep abiding in Jesus?

It’s definitely not something that happens by default. I have the be intentional about it. It’s something that I have to choose to do and plan to do every day. Life happens, stress happens, emergencies happen, bills need to get paid, food needs to be made, but if I’m not intentional about seeking His will and spending time with Him, then that doesn’t happen. It’s a surrender of will . I have to let go of control, which is not easy for a control freak like me and I have to choose His will over mine.


SD 2014


3. What’s my favorite way to share His light with another?

By living my life in the manner worthy of the cause I was called to. I can say or write all the pretty words. I can quote the Bible or a hymn or a great saying, but do I live like I believe that? If my God is who He says He is and if I am who He says I am, do I live like I believe it? Do I live like my God is real and what He says is true? That’s something that I’ve been convicted of lately and it’s something that I’m striving for more and more.


Source: Proverbs 31 Ministries Instagram


4. Why do I blog, anyway?

Oddly enough, I feel called to do it. It’s a step of obedience for me. Obviously, by my lack of content, it’s definitely not something that I’ve given much priority to, but it’s definitely something that I feel called to do. Writing for me is hard, because I’m a very private person and being so vulnerable is not second nature, but to me being obedient is more important than comfort. Do I fail? Ummm ya. Like ALL the time, but in the words of Lara Casey, “Progress, not perfection”. Plus, He gives MORE grace. When I fail, when I’m scared to write, when I don’t want to, when I’d rather not share, when I get so distracted with other things that I just don’t even bother, even then He gives more grace and even then His mercies are new. Every morning I get a chance to start over. That’s why I blog, because I’m an ordinary person fiercely loved by an extraordinary God who chooses to bring me on an unforgettable and unimaginable adventure, IF I chose to participate.


Now’s the part of the post when I’m supposed to pass the baton to the next blogger, but instead of doing that, I want to hear from you! If you feel so inclined, answer the 4 questions in the comments below or on FB and tag me, Unrealistic Expectations Blog!

That’s about it folks, there are some other bloggers that have participated in this blog hop, so click on Mandy’s link to see more and follow the trail from there. I’m excited to be back and I hope to post again real soon! Have a great weekend y’all. Hubby and I will be working on our miracle house!


J & L


One thought on “Faithful Fellowship — Blog Hop!!

  1. gabriela1088 says:

    1. Good question… Most important thing to me about God is his love and patience. No matter how angry or disappointed we may make him, he gives you a lot of time to get it right. A lot! And while he’s waiting, he still blesses us in ways we don’t always understand until later…

    2. I pray daily, but I don’t always read the bible or go to church like I should…I stumble a lot and question things going on in my life but one thing that’s really hard for me to do but I do my best to do is trust him completely. Trust him that even though I want something done right here and now, he’s gotta have a good reason to make me wait…experiences in my life have showed me that.

    3. My favorite way to share his light…hmm I do my best to be like I think Jesus is. Kind and forgiving, which isn’t always easy and it takes me a long time to do…The way I speak and what I say and do…help people instead of trying to get a rise out of them. Be kind to and encourage others even if it’s someone I have a hard time liking lol

    4. I don’t blog but I like to read ones like this! 😉

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