Faith Like a Child

I have been so SUPER blessed to be the aunt of 5 AMAZING kids and 2 on the way!! If you have been blessed to have kids in your life, you’ll know what I mean. I LOVE like LOVE love these kids. They crack me up, keep me on my toes and make me aware of the things that come out of my mouth! I get reprimanded for using the “stu” word {stupid} or not liking marshmallows {Eli said “Jesus doesn’t like that” – that I don’t like marshmallows}. If you’ve ever met my nieces and nephews, I know you’ll agree that they are something else. I mean they are the BEST ever, and I’m only slightly bias :). One of the things that gets me every time is their faith in God. I never really understood the term “Faith like a child” until I started spending time with these awesome kids. From a very young age, they said their prayers every night. In fact, to this day, they won’t go to bed unless someone prays with them, I LOVE that. Another thing that gets me is that for them, asking God for something is as good as done. If they get hurt, they pray and TRUST that God has not only heard their prayer, but that He will be faithful to heal them. If the family needs something, like a van, they prayed and God answered!!!!


N,C&Baby J

One of the things they have been praying about is for Joe and I to have kids. They already have 3 awesome cousins, but they want more. What kid wouldn’t want a basketball team worth of people that have to love you and spend time with you? I would, and I’m a little past my childhood :). Anyways, Joe and I have been married for 8 and a half years and we don’t have kids yet, so my nieces and nephews pray for us, almost nightly, to have kids. That’s really sweet and cute and fun, but more than that, they have on more than one occasion, for seemingly no reason at all, come up to me, looked me straight in the eyes and told me point blank “Don’t worry, you’re going to have kids”. From the mouths of babes…. and wow!!! Sometimes God uses BIG things to get our attention or keep our focus on Him, but sometimes, it’s words of comfort or healing coming for a 5 year old, that sounds wise well beyond her years.

 G,M & Baby G, M & Baby M
I don’t know what the future will hold for us. I don’t know if we’ll have kids the “traditional” way or if we’ll grow our family through adoption, but what I do know, is that both of those require me to have faith like a child. To fully depend on God and trust that He hears and answers prayers. It may not look like I want it to, but it will happen. My nieces and nephews told me so, and they know what’s up 🙂
the awesomes 2013

6 thoughts on “Faith Like a Child

  1. Katie says:

    I love kids and their hilarious and innocently honest comments! Being the oldest of 8 siblings has meant that I’ve seen this alot! Faith like a child is so important, and I’ve found it helpful to remember that while I try to ‘decipher’ some verses lately too.

  2. Ovi says:

    If a kid of 5 years old belive that you will have babys. Then I belive that too. I will pray for you, and we will hope that it will hapend. And If not, God knows what he wants from you. God answeres are not No. They are: Not yet, or I have something better for you, or wait.

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