Mountain Top Experience

Have you even had a Mountain Top Experience with God? An over the top, AWESOME, glimpse into the bigger picture and how you fit into that? I have. Many times. The fact that God chose me to be part of His great plan is so humbling and thrilling!! The Ultimate love story and adventure. Better then any book, movie or article. The best part is that it’s real life. Not fantasy. That’s what my relationship with God is. An adventure. An adventure where I can’t see the map, only the next step {which makes me crazy most times}. An adventure where I have to trust. An adventure that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Like I said, I have had great mountain top experiences with God, but at times, they were followed by pretty extreme lows. 

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I used to laugh at the story of Elijah {1 Kings 18:19 – 1 Kings 19:4} and really judge him (enter hypocritical Christian jokes here…). I mean I was totally baffled how you can have such faith to ask God to throw FIRE from heaven, which He does because YOU asked… and the NEXT day run for your life and become SUPER depressed. Sitting in my comfy house and on my high horse, it was so easy to mock him and turn up my nose at his reaction. I say was, because recently God showed me that I’ve been doing the SAME thing, only I’ve done it more than once or twice or twenty times! Ouch! Talk about a humbling experience…. Truth is that it’s so easy to judge others from the comfort of our living room. I mean some people use social media like a diary, so it takes some of the guess work out of what they have going on. It’s easy to judge someone based on 140 characters or a blog post or a Facebook update, but the truth is that sometimes the things that we “condemn” people of most, are really heart issues that we haven’t dealt with within ourselves.   
A 1000 times I've failed
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What if we offered grace more than we offered our {mostly unsolicited} advise? What if we sought to build each other up, instead of stepping on anyone and everyone to promote ourself? What if we sought to bring God glory in EVERYTHING we did, instead of always putting ourselves on a pedestal? I’m asking all this humbly, because, believe me, I’m guiltier than most people when it comes to sitting on my high horse and passing judgement onto others. Have you even had a mountain top experience with God that was followed by a low, or valley experience?     



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